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Not everything could be wonderful when we go out cycling, in a way we have to pay the price for practicing a sport as fantastic as cycling. Although protecting ourselves is not really that difficult, however, we have to tell you about the diseases we suffer from practicing the beetles sport.



It is perhaps the most common disease from cycling. Those who practice this sport have to be exposed to long hours to the star king (a.k.a sun), to changes in temperature, to strong winds and again to the sun.

All these changes in the weather have an effect on the sportsman’s skin, even if generous doses of sunscreen are applied.

Also, not all skins are the same, you may be more tolerant to sun rays but someone else who is cycling with you is not so much, so this is a factor to take into account as well.

Whatever your skin type is, it is absolutely imperative that you apply sunscreen before you go cycling.

Ultraviolet radiation can induce changes in the DNA of skin cells that can lead to the development of pre-malignant lesions, such as actinic keratoses, which can later develop into cancer. While these cancers are most commonly confined to the skin and do not spread throughout the body, treatment often includes surgical removal of the skin or the use of topical irritant medications. Imagine then how long you should avoid the sun to ensure a good healing after this. See? It is much easier to prevent this from the very beginning and apply sunscreen as an essential part of the routine.


Skin spots are also caused by long exposure to the sun when cycling and might as well be the biggest excuse for some women to no longer want to practice this sport.

It seems that women are more concerned about spots on their skin than men, especially in the facial area.

When informed that cycling could accelerate photo-aging and the appearance of blemishes, people think twice about taking the plunge.

Besides, it is said that “spots have memory”, that is, women who suffer from melasma and are well controlled with the depigmentation treatment, go out in the sun and all the spots appear again. Leave them alone, don’t expose yourself!

Don’t worry, consult your dermatologist and first ask for a thorough check-up to learn about your skin type and based on the results, choose the best sun protection products and solve the problem.

Let this condition not be an excuse for you to stop practicing this fantastic sport that will keep you slim and beautiful.


Sunburns are closely linked to the previous point, the skin spots. Be aware that using sunscreen when cycling cannot last all day, so you need to take the necessary breaks to reapply the product.

One piece of advice, apply the sunscreen thirty minutes before leaving home so that the skin has time to absorb it in.



It is the elegant name for the famous “heat stroke” that we give to those of us who practice cycling when the temperature is too high.

A heat stroke can literally leave you lying unconscious if you don’t react in time. A kind of fainting to call it something that can cause even death.

You should try to keep your temperature below 40C° if you don’t want to suffer from this disease and also try to stay hydrated.


Believe it or not, the reason we always wear glasses when cycling is not only to protect our eyes from the breeze, particles and even mosquitoes. There is also a light sensitivity issue that is properly addressed by wearing glasses.

However, we highly recommend that to save some money you do not go buying glasses that do not protect you from UV rays. These rays can penetrate the retina causing significant damage so take care of your visual health and your health in general.



And since not everything is about diseases, we also leave you some recommendations for prevention purposes, don’t forget this word “prevention” and of course, also “protection”.

If you are dedicated with your protection practices when you go out cycling, you will efficiently steer away from any kind of disease that has to do with prolonged sun exposure.



As we said above, ultraviolet rays can generate damage to the retina, in fact, studies have advanced and indicate the appearance of cataracts due to this overexposure to the sun, that being said, the recommendation is to buy top quality glasses … we are talking about your vision, not just any candy to hydrate you.


Treat the sunburns that is to say, it is necessary to give them fast procedure, do not let them pass and you didn’t even realize you had them, apply sunscreen over 30FPS and if even after the sunscreen, you notice redness in the skin for the sun, you can’t go wrong with aloe to refresh and to hydrate you. You can get it in multiple forms, from moisturizing gel to creams and why not, if you have a store of fruits and vegetables nearby, buy the stalk and remove the crystals to put them in the affected zone is just the perfect solution.

Remember to take your sunscreen with you, even if it is in a mini presentation, so that you can apply it at least every two hours.


Just as runners have evolved their footwear and swimmers the texture of their swimwear, so have cyclists, well, so have the manufacturers.

The important thing is that today there are already garments adapted to the needs of these athletes.

Lightand airy textures that protect against UV rays are just one example of how cycling has evolved to make you way more comfortable and protected on the road.

Check our products they come with UV Protection


And not only because the early morning is indicated by doctors and sportsmen as the best time to go out and do any kind of exercise.

One factor that counts for the cyclist is precisely not to get long sun exposure, if it’s already 11 am and you haven’t left the house, don’t even think about going to expose yourself (your call though), but as a piece of advice to keep in mind if you don’t want to regret skin conditions in the future, it’s recommended that after 10 am and until 4 pm, you don’t go out cycling.

At those hours the sunrays are radiating with all their intensity and no matter how protected you go, the sun will surely do its thing on your skin.



Lucho Herrera, our 1987 Vuelta a España champion, suffered from skin cancer in 2017, and it seems that his concern began when he noticed some spots on his face and arms.

He immediately went to the dermatologist who diagnosed him with skin cancer due to the long hours of exposure to the sun during his training. He did this between 5 and 7 hours a day, a real cycling monster, in the good sense of the word.

Since then, Lucho has been undergoing frequent treatments to cauterize the ulcers that appear due to the cancer, and he also undergoes cryotherapy sessions to cauterize the spots with cold.

We don’t want to say that this will be your case, or something even slightly related, but we tell you the story of the “El Jardinerito” so you know that despite his dedication to the sport and the great satisfaction he gave us Colombians. Overexposure to the sun also took its toll on this great cyclist.

Remember that if you are a privileged one from the equatorial line where either it rains or it is sunny, meaning you won’t have to worry about other seasons that put more thought and dedication to skincare.

Just keep this in mind so you can make the best out of each and every single daily ride you may have!